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I’m not one for writing, it’s just about the music.

Lots of free music from this guy! Wasnt sure to begin with but this is a great tune. Nice build to the second drop!

Lovely Dubstep / Dark, Minimal Techno. Check his other work… Some Free DL too!

Now thats a nice sample. Been following this guy from afar for a little while. His tracks tend to be short but well thought out! Enjoy

Graham Rutherford fronts Bristol band Jag Harps… He also produces solo work, this is the newest! Love the slap bass.

Saw this guy play last night. Live drumming one man band, hitting pads to launch and change the samples he plays over!
New EP on Bristol Label ‘Soul Motive

61 tracks for a fiver!! Money goes towards running of the show.
Electronic Explorations is a weekly Podcast show publishing exclusive mixes and cutting edge tracks from the cream of the electronic world; deviously crafted patchworks of carefully sewn rhythms, sonic contortions and delicate melodies – dubstep, UK Bass, techno and anything else that’s pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

All of this guys stuff is lush. 4 free albums to enjoy too. Really anjoyed this track, nice music box sound.

This guy lives near me in Bristol! World Bass, Deep Dubstep, nice and laid back. Has that old school Dubby vibe. Plus, he gives it to you for free!

Some nice beats from Japan!

Patterns in Plastic are a Newcastle-based duo (Wesley Akinfolarin and Joe William Todd) This free remix EP features tracks from Fybe, Sina., Sipp, Manni Dee, Module Module, Kelle, Deft and Sun Glitters.

What a fantastic track, sunshine on a cloudy day! Afro-Latin-Jazz Groove House

Biggabush always suprises me! So many different styles. Check the newest groovy direction… Also, have a good look around his site here. Years of great music!

Bristol producer Jag Harps newest offering. The album Theta Waves got lots of air time, produced pretty much by himself! I like the direction he’s moving… Live shows in the pipeline.

Theta Waves download – Jazz/electronic

Thought I’d check in on Hugo Kant again, I wasnt dissapointed! Still lots of free downloads…

Would like me a copy of this… Nice bit of Blue Monday with proper cumbia beats!

More from Applebottom, funky as hell house! Forthcoming on Wicked Bass.

This guy plays guitar for Planet Mu signing Tropics. He also make videos and takes photos, website here for more! New EP out on Bristol’s very own A Future Without‘ label.

Ambient Garage from Bristol producer EPLP on Birminghams Night Tracks… Lots to come from this guy!

Synkro & Jack Dixon & have teamed up to remix each other. The tracks are free to download.

One of my favourite tracks of last year. This guy is a fantastic designer as well as musician! Download from XL8R here.