Monthly Archives: June 2012

Biggabush always suprises me! So many different styles. Check the newest groovy direction… Also, have a good look around his site here. Years of great music!

Bristol producer Jag Harps newest offering. The album Theta Waves got lots of air time, produced pretty much by himself! I like the direction he’s moving… Live shows in the pipeline.

Theta Waves download – Jazz/electronic

Thought I’d check in on Hugo Kant again, I wasnt dissapointed! Still lots of free downloads…

Would like me a copy of this… Nice bit of Blue Monday with proper cumbia beats!

More from Applebottom, funky as hell house! Forthcoming on Wicked Bass.

Please watch and share this!! What a wonderful plant…

This guy plays guitar for Planet Mu signing Tropics. He also make videos and takes photos, website here for more! New EP out on Bristol’s very own A Future Without‘ label.

June 2012 – Summertime Suggestions

Please try to post tracks that have free downloads… This way we can all spread the music for free!