Monthly Archives: May 2012

Ambient Garage from Bristol producer EPLP on Birminghams Night Tracks… Lots to come from this guy!

Synkro & Jack Dixon & have teamed up to remix each other. The tracks are free to download.

One of my favourite tracks of last year. This guy is a fantastic designer as well as musician! Download from XL8R here.

17 year old from Bristol. Downloads can be found on his Soundcloud … They run out fast mind!

Nice remix. Makes me think of glitter!

Afro-latin made in the 21st century. Covers and originals by Nostaliga 77s Ben Lamdin and DJ Hugo Mendez (Sofrito) along with some of Londons finest Jazz musicians and Cuban precusson players.

The latest video from a very talented man!

Chill – Funky -Electronic – Beats – Bass

Funk-Soul-Jazz! – Afrobeat – Chill

New free EP from Mr Oizo… Bleepy!! Download the EP here.

Pretty darn good electro funk from EDMX – Out on San fransisco label – Voltaire Records.

If your interested in the free party scene and its culture, you gotta have a look at this book! Out Of Order

Nice little documentary… Some classic tunes in there too!

I’ve been enjoying Slugabeds madness for a while now. Super synthy! Love the video.