Monthly Archives: March 2012

Recent artist on Dusted Wax Kingdom net label… All tracks are free!

Chill – Electronic – Ambient – Bass Step

Electro-funk – Chill – Funk – Swing – Gypsy

Alternative – Hip-Hop – Chill – Electronic – Reggae


Funk – Soulful – Beats – Electronic

Electronic – Chill – Beats – Bass – Funky

Brighton based producer… Psychedelic Mambo/Ambient Satsuma/Flute Fruits… Every tracks a winner!

A band close to my heart!

Episode #10 [Magic Drum Orchestra] from Conversion Live! on Vimeo.

17 piece UK based Magic Drum Orchestra join Conversion Live to crash, bang and wallop a plethora of percussive instruments from around the world – creating an epic rhythmic fusion. Certainly a fun and entertaining performance for the CLive show.

I like this guy more and more! Been playing him on my show and he gives a lot away for free! I particularly like the Zero 7 – Futures/Swing Remix. Please check his other work and his website

Behind the Seams head to the dusty city of Matehuala, Mexico in search of the pointiest long-toed cowboy boots ever made.

They are funny as… haha!

April 2012 suggestions

This month I’d like you to only post tracks that have free downloads… This way we can all spread the music for free!

I wasnt sure about the vocal timing to begin with, but this get’s pretty epic!

I’ll be DJing in the back room… An antidote to the mayhem of the main room.

Memotone – Hands EP will be available as a limited run of T-Shirts designed by Will as well as having a full digital release… all on 26th March 2012.

Big Band – Funk – Synth – Electronic – Chill

Funky – Hip Hop – Acoustic – Uplifting – Fun

Jazz – Orchestral – Electronic – Chill – Bass

Chill – Jungle – Moombahton – Hip Hop – Funk

New remix by Anon